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Paintings created by Shane are driven by inspiration. He paints  with the enthusiasm of children, never knowing the direction of the art work or what to expect. He simply creates to release our pent up  creativity.


Painting on behalf of you (the client) means that Shane is  tasked with the objective of bringing your vision to life, utilizing his expertise to take the art piece from your mind to the canvass.

Scarlet Thoughts

The paintings are made to be interchangeable with the emphasis of mood as the outlook. He describes the painting as an opportunity to evaluate oneself, by having the paintings set in the order of your mood  you can use the visual as an inspiration to create pathways to your desired state of mind.

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Scarlet thoughts.jpg


Although this looks like your average portrait it is anything but. The canvas has been coated with a mat, textured plaster and the image has been painted with a high gloss oil paint, the combination creates a beautiful effect that brings Alfred to life.


Dita Von Teese

The original design was supplied from the good people of Loin Marketing.  Although the design changed due to photo quality the image still looks very effective. I wanted to create as much of a 3D element as possible. 

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The artist entices his audience with this enchantingly painted woman, for us to unravel her mystery. Each person analyzing her differently to what they see in her.

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phantasmagoria the painting of

Ink blotch family 

This was a very strange but creatively satisfying job. The request was a silhouette, a representation of the family members walking toward the beach through a forest opening. 

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Black Forest

This set of painting of the black forest was done completely organically and only after it was painted we decided to find a forest that it resembled.  Schwarzwald or in english The Black Forest is located in the south west corner of Germany and it was a perfect fit.

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Three paintings, depicting a forest, that was painted organicly by artist sglturner, artist shane turner