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Thank you for wanting to find out more about me.

If there is a short story that sums me up it’s this:

As a child I was severally dyslexic. I found that even though I was not particularly great at drawing, I was untroubled and I began my life in art at the tender age of 9 with my first commissioned mural at the age of 12 - A Grim Reaper on the wall of a biker club.  (I was paid with a single beer and it seemed like a  fair trade at the time.) Creating was more of an adventure and felt like a less oppressive way to exist. As my interest in art grew and my ability developed, I realized that if I could learn to do this I could learn to do anything.  I started writing a novel  at the age of 20 and spent the next few years badgering people to read it and correct the spelling. I know two things about myself that are true: I can't paint when I’m drunk and I'm terrible at spelling, but thanks to the creative medium of art I am not afraid to fail or succeed.

The curriculum vitae of Artist Shane Turner

Over the last 25 years Shane has painted thousands  of images for many different industries:


Backdrops and Props

  •  1998, joined Creations Fantastic, Producing backdrops and props for the special events industry. Hundreds of hand painted backdrops were produced and used in corporate functions world wide. Clients were mostly international 

  • 2002, joined Stargazer Art,  Producing backdrops  and props for the South African events industry

  • 2004 Produced Backdrops  for Party Design and Gear house

  • 2005 Produced Backdrops for Backdrops Wonderland. 


Notable projects that I was apart of.

100m (W) by 6m (H) backdrop  depicting an African landscape and wildlife

Miss World 2001 Stage production

Covered a building, making it looking like a huge dog Kennel as a campaign for Huggies



  •  In 2002 Shane Joined Stargazer Art Producing murals for childrens bedrooms, churches, shopfronts, casinos and advertising murals. notable clients: The Emerald Casino Resort, Prima Toys, Showgroup 

  • 2004 Started Paintdrop Productions and then in 2014 renamed the company Paint Addiction.  The Production of murals  averaged at eighty murals per year with an unrecorded amount of projects to date. Artwork was created for both businesses and for private homes, with the biggest clients being Emperors Palace Casino

Notable projects

Johannesburg, Prima toys south africa, twenty eight showrooms in thirty days

Qatar, Villaggio Mall: 28000 sqr/m ceiling cloud mural in Villaggio Mall, Qatar, contracted by Le Studio.

Dubai, Esfahan Restaurant, large canvas installation murals, contracted by Lateral Passage

Johannesburg, The International Pentecost Holiness Church (or IPHC) subcontracted to Stargazer Art

Dubai, four Pediatric Reception Areas for Ambulatory Healthcare Services 'SEHA' contracted by Lateral Passage  

Johannesburg,  Hamleys toy stores

Johannesburg, Emperors Palace murals, contracted by Akhataka Design

Johannesburg, Christian Family Church

Ireland, Edward J Valentines Bar 

Johannesburge, Kidzania, subcontracted to Versus Paint

Czech Republic, The Dubliner, contracted by OL IRISH PUBS LIMITED

Ireland, Glen royal hotel   subcontracted to Fran Halpin Art

Czech Republic, Dirty Nellys  contracted by OL IRISH PUBS LIMITED

to mention but a few

Fine art   

Since 2004 Shane has been creating custom and comissioned paintings for casinos, resorts, businesses, private homes and many exhibitions.

Notable projects

Peermont Group - Emperors Palace, Johannesburg

Peermont Group - Grand Palm, Gaborone, Botswana

Custom airbrushing 

In 2007 Shane introduced custom airbrushing to his business, aiming at the automotive industry.

Notable achievements:

Two covers on Speed & Sound Magazine

Twelve written articles in  Speed & Sound Magazine

Airbrushing awards won: multiple awards across South Africa and two awards in  Ireland.


Joker Car commissioned by Big Boss Auto - over twenty  awards won for airbrushing, Speed & Sound Magazine cover and multiple articles and  was featured on Pimp My Ride South Africa

Lord of the Rings carbon fiber car commissioned by Duppie Du Plessis - two awards for airbrushing and an article in speed & sound Magazine and  was featured on Pimp My Ride South Africa

Sea of Souls 350z commissioned by Duppie Du Plessis - three awards for airbrushing, a Speed & Sound Cover  and article, and was featured on Pimp My Ride South Africa

Fat Bastard commissioned by James Law - won peoples choice award and international bike awards Pretoria South Africa

Eric the Viking - won peoples choice award at the Carole Nash motorcycle show, in Dublin Ireland


Performance art 

In 2006 Shane performed his first speed painting show, A portrait of Nelson Mandela that was produced  live for an audience of 350 people in under five minutes.

2009 joined forces with Graham Hide of Stargazer Art  and developed a unique set of performances utalizing multiple canvasses. Since that day Shane and Graham have performed in 18 countries,  for hundreds of  companies and hundreds of thousands of guests including members of Parliament and Royalty. 


Notable events

South Africa's Got Talent 2015

Internationally televised Bricsa convention 

AFOCH 18th open sports festival in Dubai


To mention but a few


The best way to describe our shows is to do it visually. Visit www.paintaddiction.com