Series Selection

The Painting  presented below are grouped into series, by clicking on an image below you will see the image in more detail, for sale images can be found on the For Sale Page

Element series

Abstract applications are used to  introduce the elements that surround us by creating an identity. In this series I try to add a seed of emotion to the hidden faces of the world we live in. 

Ink series

Ink, water, enamel I try to keep the initial shape  as organic and unplanned as possible.

after taking some time to familiarize myself with the shape, I challenge myself to create an image from its shape. 

Dream Series

The characters that I create for this series are all searching for a better tomorrow wile intensely influenced by there pasts, I try to capture glimpses of there existence in organic ways to keep the experiences relatable. 

Named By.....

I invite you to you make suggestions that will influence the name of an ongoing painting, the story behind the painting or even help me by sharing this page on your social profiles to raze awareness of the projects that I create but are influenced by everyone.

Join my Paint Addiction facebook community and helps me to find the very best title for my works.

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Iv always be fascinated and terrified by portraiture, having to paint an image of some one that can be referenced or recognized has influenced me to do my best.

many of the portraits below are over ten years old.

Tryptics & Multi-Canvass

I have been creating split paintings for as long as I can remember, in fact my speed painting performance was influenced greatly by the large commissioned split paintings I had created in my past.

To mention but a few

Personal & Commissioned 


Paintings created by Shane are driven by inspiration. He paints  with the enthusiasm of children, never knowing the direction of the art work or what to expect. He simply creates to release our pent up  creativity.


Painting on behalf of you (the client) means that Shane is  tasked with the objective of bringing your vision to life, utilizing his expertise to take the art piece from your mind to the canvass.